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  • "We are open on weekends and public holidays".

  • Two specialized clinics in Bangalore.

  • We have the best expert dentists providing

  1. root canal treatment

  2. dental implants

  3. cosmetic dentures

  • All of Our procedures come at affordable costs and are value for money.

  • Sterilization norms are maintained according to the covid policy in 2021.

  • 5-star google ratings.

  • Call us on 09886674330

We focus more on preventive procedures for tooth decay and oral cancer. It is always HEALTHIER and CHEAPER than treatment.

  • Our specialist healthcare oral surgeons will customize your treatment procedure for every tooth problem to fit costs within your budget.

  • Get A Complete oral health Check-Up with us absolutely FREE.

  • All the materials used by our doctors are high standards like FUJI, 3M, COLTENE, DENTSPLY, AND MORE.

  • He is multilingual and comfortable communicating with any age group.

  • The dental crowns are made with CAD technology with 5 to 15 years of warranty. 

  • All the sterilization of instruments is done as you would expect from the best dentist in Bangalore near you.



Best Dentist In Wilson Garden,Bangalore, India

  1. We understand that in the long term the cost is important to our patients.

  2. We offer value for money to our patient's health and oral hygiene.

  3. Our common procedure costs are minimal by our family doctor.

  4. Our experienced oral maxillofacial surgery team has complete knowledge of every tooth problem and advanced Pain Management Technology.

  5. We have an amazing team for implant surgery root canals and crown and bridges procedures.

  6. Our staff is here to protect your hygiene as well as them from infection, like any dental treatment  hospital in Bangalore.

  7. Book a consultation, we will honor any request you have and are happy to do a complete diagnosis and teeth whitening treatment plan for you.

  8. We are happy to tell you that our patients have rated Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy with 5 stars in google and GCR for smile design treatments.

  9. The reviews and inputs by a patient who searches for a nearby dentist make us more motivated.

  10. Our cosmetic procedures have a state of the art recognition.

  11. Besides our oral and maxillofacial surgeons our cosmetic dentists have worked on the best cases in veneers and are considered the best in Bangalore.​

  12. We work in norms with the Department Of Public Health with the latest reserved equipment that are used during the day.

Make a list of questions before your appontment

It would be good if you make notes to refer to before you book a consultation. For example, you may have noticed a little bleeding from the gums when brushing your lower teeth. You may consider making a note of these things before you go for your visit. The need for braces is a must for everyone who wants a beautiful smile.

  • You could inform him if you have a history of diabetes.

  • It is very important to inform if you are on treatment for diseases if any?

  • Any medication you have been taking may increase the risk of infection.

  • Get Your Appointment with our primary doctor now for your entire procedure.

We have A team of experts in pediatric tooth-related problems, crowns and bridges & preventive treatment procedures. We also have specialists in orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics. We provide functional appliance treatment for children with early malocclusion.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The dentist advises the removal of crooked wisdom tooth removal or if there’s no room in your mouth for an extra set of molars. Even if wisdom teeth come out fully through the gums, they may damage other teeth.

Gaps Between Teet

Gaps Between Teeth

Gap between teeth looks ugly and you must remove them. Sadly there are no do-it-yourself ways to close the gap. 

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening gives you a well-polished set of bright teeth. It is an investment that pays dividends across your lifetime. It can boost your career and gave you a dazzling look when you go out with friends.