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Basal Implants

Dr. Rudramoorthy
Affordable Dental Implants

Basal Implant - Cost, Procedure, Advantages

What do you mean by Basal Implant?

The term Implant in this context is also called a teeth replacement. If we divide your mouth into two parts:

  1. the upper part of the mouth

  2. the lower part of the mouth

We call these parts jaw. The upper part is the fixed jaw, and the lower part is the movable jaw. The lower part is also called Basal Bone. It is the strongest bone. We insert artificial teeth to the lower part of your jaw bone called Basal Bone.


The Basal Implant is affordable, can be done in 30 days with 12 implants, and lasts a lifetime when done correctly.

The Basal Implant will help you have a beautiful natural smile by restoring your damaged, bad-looking teeth.

Disadvantages of Conventional Implant:

The argument for conventional vs. basal Implant is a vastly discussed topic; however, according to my experience, I will tell you the disadvantages of the traditional Implant.


to explain in simple words:

your lower jaw bone is divided into

  1. Top jaw Hard bone

  2. Spongy jaw bone

  3. Bottom jaw Hard bone


In a Conventional Implant, we insert the Artificial Teeth into a Spongy jaw bone and wait for the inserted Implant to fuse with the jaw bone. We temporarily place an artificial tooth above to cover this up.


  • As a result, there are chances of infection in the implant area.

  • It can cause damage to the surrounding area, like teeth and blood vessels.

  • Few patients may not be eligible for this because of their bone health.

  • The major disadvantage is this is no quick fix. It takes a longer time to heal.

Advantages of Basal Implant:

  • Earlier, we divided the lower jaw bone into

  • Top jaw Hard bone

  • Spongy jaw bone

  • Bottom jaw Hard bone

  • In a Basal Implant, we insert the Artificial Teeth into a Bottom jaw Hard bone.

  • According to research, a Basal implant is less prone to infection.

  • Basal Implant is safe and is highly recommended for patients.

  • Almost any candidate is eligible for Basal Implant irrespective of age.

  • The significant advantage is this is a quick fix. It takes a shorter time to heal when compared to conventional treatment.

Am I the right candidate for Basal Implant?

Anyone who has good oral health and unfortunately lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident or disease can undoubtedly opt for basal dental implantation.


The procedure we at Diva Dental Care follow for permanent fixed teeth with Basal Implant:


  • We carefully remove the Damaged tooth.

  • If the extra bone is required, we prepare it. this process can also be termed grafting

  • We now carefully place Dental Implant.

  • We now wait for Bone growth and healing.

  • placing the Abutment (it is a kind of holder placed over a dental implant)

  • Finally, placing the Artificial tooth over the Abutment.

Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

We at Diva Dental care focus on providing the best treatment with the highest success rate to talk about pricing; keeping affordability in mind,

We charge 25,000₹ to 45,000₹ for each basal implant for a full mouth teeth replacement process. Adding to this, we offer cosmetic tooth caps whose prices range from 5000₹ to 9000₹ per cap.

Frequently asked questions on Basal Implant:

Is 70 too old for dental implants?

No age is too old for dental implants.

Dental implants are the standard way of replacement for missing teeth.


How long do basal implants last?

Ideally, basal implants will last for a lifetime. but it can also depend on how the patient takes care of his tooth and does checkups.



What is the downside of traditional implants?

The most common disadvantage of getting a dental implant is that it is costly and may not always be covered by insurance providers. The additional main drawback of conventional implants includes Pain, swelling, and bleeding due to surgery. Anesthesia complications like nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness.


Which is a better dental implant or basal Implant?


The Basal Implant is always better because, in most cases, this applies to everyone and is less time-consuming, affordable, and more reliable compared to the Dental Implant.

Do dental implants hurt?


Local anesthesia will numb the nerves surrounding the dental implant area. You can expect not to feel any pain during your dental implant procedure.


Is it better to get dentures or implants?


Basal implants are permanent teeth replacements. They've become popular compared to dentures over the past few years of the advancement of medical technology. While they cost more than dentures, they last longer and save you money over time. Basal implants lead to fewer visits to the dentist because they're easier to maintain compared to dentures.

I'm still in doubt whether the Basal Implant is for me or not?

We got you covered at Diva Dental Care. We offer a FREE consultation.

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