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Best Child Dentist

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child?

Choosing a primary doctor or the best child dentist for your child can be a hard and confusing process. So, how can you choose the right dentist for your children? We’ve outlined a few reasons why choosing a pediatric dentist is the absolute best choice to be your children’s first dental home.

Pediatric Dentists Make Dental Visits Fun

We seek to foster a fun and inviting environment that is specifically designed for children. The comfort of your child is one of the most important factors in creating a positive association with visiting the dentist. You can also check out our social media channels to get a feel for how fun we are! Facebook is a great place to look for news about our practice, and it’s also a good spot to read some of our patient reviews.

Trained to Care for Children    

Pediatric dentists have had 2-3 years of special training to care for young children and adolescents. Check out the “about us” section of our website to learn more about our degrees, professional associations and affiliations, as well as distinguished honors. You can rest easy knowing that we have had extensive training which has equipped us to care for your child.

Stress-Free First Visit

Introducing children to a dentist can be a difficult task for any parent. Kids are usually very nervous to visit the doctor or dentist for the first time for a variety of reasons, which is why we offer relaxed “meet and greets” for their first office visit. The first visit is a great way for you to speak with us about our practice, and it gives you a chance to gauge how your child responds to the new surroundings. Before you arrive, be sure to tell them that their first visit won’t involve any procedures or “chair time.” Remind them that you are there to meet some new people who want to help them get a healthy smile, and that our team is here to help them get the brightest smile possible!

Why choose us as your best dental clinic in Bangalore for your child?

We take great care handling the dental issue or root canal treatments when it comes to pediatric dentistry and dental procedures. We understand that’s it’s important to create a positive association so that your child can enjoy good oral health. We have the best Pediatric Dentist in Bangalore. Our team of doctors has extensive experience in providing dental care and oral hygiene for children. Our pediatric dental specialist also has extensive knowledge about dental implants.

Our goal is to provide every child with excellent dental treatment to develop a healthy smile and a positive attitude towards dental care. Our clinic is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your child.

Dental Treatments For Children

Initial Dental Consultation 

A new patient consultation involves a comprehensive exam -

  1. A soft tissue pathology screening.

  2. Treatment planning and an individualized cavity risk assessment.

  3. A cavity risk assessment gives an understanding of the factors that could cause cavities in your child’s mouth. Detailed information on the prevention of cavities, gum disease, and trauma is provided during the consultation

Good Pedodontist in Bangalore

Dental Sealants

Fissure sealants are used to reduce the chances of decay on molar tooth surfaces. Fissure sealants are most effective when applied to a newly erupted tooth. Pit and fissure sealants can chip or break over time, so it is advised to check them at least once in 6 months.

What Are The Treatments Done By A paediatric dentist?

Stainless Steel Crown

Fillings are suitable for small cavities however stainless steel crowns are recommended for larger cavities and cavities that involve the nerve of the milk teeth. Given the small size and fragile structure of a baby tooth – crowns are much less likely than fillings to need to be replaced. With stainless steel crowns the whole tooth is covered, so future decay on that tooth is a lot less likely.


A primary tooth pulpotomy is sometimes called a baby tooth root canal. It is performed on baby teeth with extensive decay that has affected the nerve of the tooth. The affected part of the nerve of the tooth is removed and the remaining part of the pulp is treated with medication. Following a pulpotomy, the tooth usually needs a stainless steel crown. The purpose of a pulpotomy is to save a decayed baby tooth so that the tooth can hold the space for the permanent tooth and maintain dental health.

Space Maintainer

Baby teeth are needed to hold space for the permanent teeth that are waiting to come in. The earlier a baby tooth is lost/or taken out, the more critical this space loss becomes. Space maintainers are available to hold the space for the permanent tooth to move into.

Mouth Guard

A mouthguard is one that is made by your dentist nearby following an impression of your child’s teeth and is fitted by your dentist. In order for a mouthguard to work effectively, it has to be in position at the time of a bang to the teeth. This is why retention (ability to stay on the teeth) and the accurate fit is very important. Custom-made mouthguards are individually molded to fit the child’s teeth, better than shop-bought mouthguards. Custom-made mouthguards are superior in retention (ability to stay on the teeth) protection, prevent dental injury and comfort

Myofunctional Appliances

Myofunctional Appliances also called Functional Appliances are used when the upper teeth further forward than normal in relation to the lower teeth. They are best used around 11-14 years in boys and 10-13 years in girls. Functional appliances can help correct the growth of the jaws by utilizing the power of the jaw muscles. This may avoid the need for extractions and more complex orthodontic treatment when the child is older. They are worn for at least 9 to 12 months may be fixed or removable.

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