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Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Single sitting root canal treatment is when a root canal treatment is done by achieving free access to the apical foramen through the root canal by mechanical means and obturating the root canal all in one visit.

How many sits do you need for R.C.T?

Now a days single sitting RCT is very common. It totally depends on the tooth and the severity of infection in the tooth being treated Because apically infected tooth may not to be completed in 1 visit and may cause more problems, but generally two sittings are required for the treatment. Capping is indicated in most of the cases, anyway amount of tooth structure remaining will decide the need of capping.

Single Visit RCT

Can root canal treatment be done in one visit?

Yes, a root canal can be done in one visit and is called a single sitting root canal treatment which is a non-surgical procedure done by chemical and mechanical preparation and obturation of the root canal in one visit

Understanding Potential Causes of Discomfort After a Second Root Canal Sitting

Slight discomfort after a second sitting is seen in a lot of patients. The reason for pain could be many. Firstly, it could be a disturbance in the microflora of the root canal.      

Secondly, could be because some of the debris got pushed out of the tooth in the bone, which happens while instrumentation of the tooth. So, it is inflammatory pain and will subside on its own within 2–3 days. You can take painkillers.          

Thirdly, could be the nerves haven't been removed completely, which is also okay only in case your treatment isn't complete yet.

And it is normal to feel a slight pain if the dentist inserts a gutta percha in the second seating The dentist might have placed it crossing the apex of the canal, which causes the discomfort. But you can feel the pain if the canal isn’t properly cleaned.

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