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Dental Treatment

Diva Dental Clinic – Quality Dental treatment In Bangalore

  • Diva Dental Clinic is not your average dentist. To explain, We offer the best dental care at the right price.

  • Hence your well being is our primary focus.

  • Furthermore, all our dental clinics have been designed keeping your comfort and well being in mind.

  • In particular, the focus of our dentists is always on the patients and we want to provide an experience that is as enjoyable as possible.

  • Our dental treatment in Bangalore is specifically for the patient's needs and condition.

  • Here all our dentists speak English fluently. 

  • We have fully-equipped dental clinics at two locations in South Bangalore.

Why People Choose Us for their dental treatment in Bangalore?

  • Here, Our clients find our treatment in Bangalore has been priced at an affordable cost.

  • Above all, we have gained popularity among all patients that also include people from corporate sectors.

  • Lastly, The specialists at our center use advanced equipment and follow the international standard to give you the most satisfactory services

What do we do in a consultation?

  • We make sure we check your teeth and mouth along with a complete analysis of your tooth problem.

  • Moreover, we offer a free check-up to the patients who come through our website by online booking.

  • Our centers have flexible appointment schedules, thus allowing you to reach us at your own convenience. You can also contact us for a personal appointment at any time that suits you the best.

Dental Services

Priorities in our Work

  • We at Diva Dental Clinic Bangalore practice preventive dental care, at the same time we focus to safeguard you from exorbitant dental costs.

  • Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy emphasizes the importance of ongoing hygiene procedures and daily practices to prevent tooth decay.

  • In brief, effective preventive dental treatment at home with chairside treatments and counseling by dental professionals.

  • For this reason, we have gained a welcome reputation as the best dentist in Bangalore for helping a lot of people with dental anxiety

Our Dental Advise

Adhering to this recommendation given by us you can


  1. You can stop the dental disease in its earliest stage.

  2. You can protect your smile and oral health for many years

  3. You can reduce your expense on major dental procedures.


Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy  and his team are committed to providing an overall positive experience to every patient.


Combining this attitude of comfort and service with technology, we aim to offer a new standard of care in dentistry. The goal of our practice is be aware of new developments in the field of dentistry. We adhere to all the health and hygiene guidelines issued by WHO and Indian authorities with regard to patient safety.

Best Dentist Bagalore
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Don’t hesitate, contact us today

Do you suffer from an acute toothache?


Immediately contact Diva Dental Clinic at +91 9886674330 for time reservation. In fact, you can also contact our clinics directly. By the way, do not wait until later, because tooth pain often increases if you postpone treatment. Moreover, We have set aside emergency times each day and make a big effort to treat all patients that contact us with an emergency. In conclusion, we also deal with loose teeth, loosening fillings and broken teeth.


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Dental Clinic

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