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Dentist in Sanjay Nagar  Bangalore

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy - Visiting Consultant dentist in Sanjay Nagar Bangalore

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy is a highly regarded dental specialist who brings his expertise to Kasthuri Dental Care Centre in Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore. With a reputation for excellence in the field, Dr. Rudramoorthy serves as a consultant specialist, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment planning of dental issues.

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His presence at Kasthuri Dental Care Centre adds significant value to the practice. Dr. Rudramoorthy's extensive experience and deep knowledge in dental diagnostics and treatment planning make him an invaluable asset to both the clinic and its patients.

Dr. Rudramoorthy's approach to patient care is characterized by precision and a commitment to ensuring the best possible outcomes. He utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques to assess dental conditions accurately. His treatment planning is comprehensive, taking into account the unique needs and preferences of each patient.

Patients visiting Kasthuri Dental Care Centre under Dr. Rudramoorthy's care can expect a high level of expertise, compassion, and personalized attention. Whether it's routine dental check-ups or more complex dental issues, Dr. Rudramoorthy's presence ensures that patients receive top-tier dental care.

In summary, Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy's role as a consultant specialist at Kasthuri Dental Care Centre in Sanjay Nagar underscores the clinic's commitment to providing superior dental services. His expertise in diagnosis and treatment planning elevates the quality of care delivered to patients, making the dental center a trusted destination for all their dental needs.

About Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore

Sanjaynagar, located in Bangalore, is a well-established and serene residential locality known for its peaceful ambiance and proximity to essential amenities. This area has carved a niche for itself as a preferred residential destination due to its strategic location and the quality of life it offers to its residents.

One of the notable features of Sanjaynagar is its tree-lined streets and well-maintained parks, which provide a green and tranquil environment for its inhabitants. The neighborhood offers a mix of independent houses, apartments, and gated communities, accommodating a diverse range of housing preferences.

Sanjaynagar is strategically positioned, with excellent connectivity to the rest of Bangalore. It is well-served by road networks, making commuting within the city convenient. Additionally, it has access to public transportation, including buses, which connect it to various parts of Bangalore.

Residents of Sanjaynagar benefit from a range of amenities, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and recreational spaces. It is also known for its close proximity to prominent areas like M.S. Ramaiah Nagar, offering access to quality education and healthcare services.

In summary, Sanjaynagar in Bangalore is a peaceful and well-connected residential locality, offering a high quality of life to its residents. Its serene surroundings, coupled with access to essential amenities, make it a desirable place to live for families, professionals, and individuals seeking a balanced urban lifestyle.

How to reach Kasthuri Dental Care Centre from Sanjay Nagar by all types of transport

To reach Kasthuri Dental Care Centre in Sanjay Nagar from Sanjay Nagar using different types of transport, you can consider the following options:

By Car:

  1. If you have access to a personal vehicle or a hired taxi, simply drive south on Sanjay Nagar Main Road toward New BEL Road (MSR College Road).

  2. Continue on Sanjay Nagar Main Road for approximately 2 kilometers.

  3. Kasthuri Dental Care Centre will be on your left-hand side.

By Bus:

  1. Walk to the nearest bus stop in Sanjay Nagar.

  2. Check the bus routes that pass through Sanjay Nagar and inquire with locals or at the bus stop about buses heading toward your destination.

  3. Board a bus that goes in the direction of Sanjay Nagar Main Road or New BEL Road.

  4. Ask the bus conductor or driver to drop you off at the nearest bus stop to Kasthuri Dental Care Centre, and then walk the remaining distance.

By Ride-Sharing Services:

You can use ride-sharing services like Uber or Ola to book a cab from Sanjay Nagar to Kasthuri Dental Care Centre. Simply open the app, enter your destination, and request a ride. This is often the most convenient and direct option.

Please check the availability of these services in your area and ensure that you have the respective app installed on your mobile device for booking.

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