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All On 4 and All On 6 Dental Implants

Updated: May 16, 2023

All On 6 Dental Implants

What do you mean by All on 4 Implants and All on 6 Dental Implant?

The term Dental Implant in this context is also called a teeth replacement. The Simplest definition of all on four or all on six dental implants is the number of implants placed inside the mouth. Your Jaw bone gets more strength as the number of implants are increased.

So by our definition, all on six implants are a better option.


Difference between All on 4 Implants and All on 6 Implant:

Basically, implants are used for teeth replacement, and the main difference between All on 4 Implants and All on 6 Implant is, as its name says:

All on four implant uses four implants that are strategically placed at the upper and lower part of your jaw. Let's take an easy example that we both can relate to. We know there is a table with three legs and a table with four legs; which one do you think is the more stable? Similarly, the main advantage of all on six over all on four is more implants.

Just in case you opted all on four if one or two implants got damaged, the entire set has to be redone again, which is time-consuming and expensive. In the case of all on six, if one or two implants got damaged, the other implants are strategically

placed so that the rest of the implants can handle the artificial teeth set attached to implants.

Overall, even though most doctors promote all on four, all on six is a better choice. We at Diva Dental Clinic keep patients safety and comfortability in mind and that is why we recommend you to opt all on six.


When Are All-On 4 Dental Implants Recommended?

Patients who are either missing all their teeth or missing many neighbouring teeth are recommended to go through all on four or all on six dental implants. I want to add that patients need to brush their teeth regularly, floss them and have dental checkups.

The implant lasts a lifetime; however, the crown attached might get damaged after 15 years due to wear and tear.

What to Expect from All-On 4 Dental Implant process

With All-on-4 or all-on-6 teeth replacement, you will finally end up with natural-looking and natural-functioning teeth. People will only understand it is duplicate if you tell them. Our aim with this treatment is to give you a naturally beautiful smile.

How Does the Treatment Work with the All-On 4 dental Implant Technique?

In case of all-on-four, there is a dense bone in front of your jaw; we place two posterior implants at an angle, with which we can avoid sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve canal in the lower jaw. In the case of all-on-six, there will be six dental implants placed in the jaw one by one; here, a pillar is created to place crowns and bridges properly.

Who are the Candidates for full mouth reconstruction:

Having a damaged set of teeth, chipped teeth, and fractured teeth, such patients, find full mouth reconstruction beneficial. Main Goal is to give you a Beautiful Smile.

All On 6 Dental Implants

There were several advantages, but to keep it to the point and simple.

Here are four reasons why you should opt for Implant-Supported Dentures.

  1. Natural Smile : As we said earlier, Until you tell your friends that the teeth are artificial, they will never know.

  2. No Slippage : This is a common fear; we can guarantee you that you can chew fearlessly with your new teeth because these dentures are placed over the implant and not on gums, so there is no chance of slipping of teeth.

  3. Same Functionality of Teeth Implant : Supported-Dentures provide the same strength to your teeth to chew, and also it increases the volume of your face.

  4. Easily placed over your Jaw Bone Several people who get Conventional dentures gradually experience gum loss because they rest on your gums and progressively wear them down.

However, implant-supported dentures do not wear the soft tissue down as they are fixed above them and do not add pressure to the gums. They safeguard the jawbone from future bone loss through continuous stimulation and also help the

jaw bone regenerate over time.

Fixed Full mouth Teeth Replacement

Frequently Asked Question And Answers:

Which is Better, All-on-6 or All-0n-4?

We believe more dentures more the support; however, there is no thorough study on this topic, and some dentists believe all-on-4 and some believe in all-on-6.

We suggest you all on 6 dental implants

Is it Dental Implant Procedure Painful?

Many patients believe that this process is painful; however, it is tolerable significantly less pain treatment.

What is the cost of dental implant treatment procedure in Bangalore?

We at Diva Dental care Bangalore focus on providing the best treatment with the highest success rate to talk about pricing; keeping affordability in mind, We charge 25,000₹ to 45,000₹. For a Full month teeth replacement process. Adding to this, we offer cosmetic tooth caps whose prices range from 5000₹ to 9000₹ per cap. I'm still in doubt to choose between All on 4 dental implant or All on 6 dental implant ?

We got you covered at Diva Dental Care. We offer a FREE consultation.

or get in touch through calls Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy +91 98866 74330

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