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Difference between general dentistry and specialists for different procedures

Updated: May 16, 2023


Many people might know that a dentist is someone, who corrects their teeth and cures their dental problem and a specialist is someone who is specialized in that thing. And this is quite ok information, by the way. But, if you want to know the actual difference between a general dentist and a specialist like an orthodontist, then read this article fully.

general dentistry and specialists

About general dentist

Dentists are dental surgeons who are specialized in maintaining your oral health like, treating, diagnose, and prevent diseases related to your teeth.

Dentists are awarded the degree after completing a 4-year course at dental school. But to join the dental school you need an undergraduate dentistry degree, which also takes 4 years. So in total, it requires 8 years to become a dentist.

About dental specialist

90% of the students in dental school stops studying and becomes general dentists, but, 10% of the students in dental school go under special training, by which they become experts or specialists in that field.

general dentistry and specialists

And it’s not like that anyone can go for extra training to become an expert in that particular field. Students who scored well in their dental school, choose to pursue their study and become an expert or specialist in that particular field. Or they have to pass certain exams to pursue their thought of becoming a dental specialist.

It can take more 2-6 years to become a specialist.

There are many dental specialists like Periodontists, Endodontists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, and many more.

What actually makes a general dentist and a dental specialist different?

Dentist In Bangalore Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy from Diva Dental says "Clinic General dentists can almost do anything until it’s in their range and is done with proper care and is not very severe, as they are have been trained for every dental care. "

On the other hand, dental specialists take care of things that require a high level of expertise and can only be done by a specialist, and they also take care of severe cases in their particular field of dentistry. As, they have gone the extra 2-6 years of training for it and can handle almost any emergency, which a general dentist will be unable to take care of.

What should you choose?

While going for dental care, you must be wondering whom should I go to; a general dentist or a specialist. Well, if you just need a regular dental checkup, then a general dentist is the best option. But, if you need a surgical procedure like a root canal, crowns, tumor removed, etc. you might consider an expert in that field.

Although, a general dentist can also perform a root canal, filling, braces, and almost everything, but, if you don’t wanna take any risk and want to ensure you are getting the best treatment out here, then you must go to a specialist in that field. Like,

Orthodontists: They are specialized in the straightening of teeth. And are best to go to if you have any teeth defect related to misalignment of teeth.

Pediatric Specialists: They are specialized in treating infant and children’s tooth problems.

Endodontists: They are specialized in the treatment of root canals and can handle any emergency that can come during the treatment.

Although, general dentists can also perform root canal treatment, but, if the case is severe and they can’t handle that, they refer the patient to an Endodontist who is an expert in this field.

Oral Surgeons: This group of dental experts is specialized in treating stuff related to cutting and implant like, removal of tumors, etc.

And, there are many more categories of dental specialists, which are also specialized in their respective fields.

Some frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between a general dentist and a specialist?

General dentists usually take care of general thing things like regular dental checkups, fillings, teeth weighting, etc. whereas, a dental expert mostly do thing in which he is specialized like an Endodontist is specialized in treating root canal treatment, Orthodontists in straightening misaligned teeth, etc.

Although, a general dentist can also perform all these practices, but, it is advised to go to a specialist if your case is severe.

How long is a dental specialty?

It can take 2-6 years depending on which area you chose. Like, Oral Surgeons have to undergo 4 years of post-graduation training, Orthodontists also have to go through 4 years of training, and there are also many dental specializations, which may require even more or less training after graduation from dental school.

Can a dental specialist do general dentistry?

Yes, of course, dental specialists can do general dentistry, they have also got the same training as the general dentist has got. And also they have got extra training in their respective field.

So, a dental specialist can also perform general dentistry.

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