• Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy

How we do dental procedures during COVID

Updated: Jul 1

Safety OF Dental Treatment During Covid

Dental Procedures during Covid 19

You can postpone regular teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. There are services where a delay leads to permanent damage to your teeth. Telecommunication is not a solution. Visit to the clinics is critical.

Severe pain,Tooth fracture,dental implants, gum diseases, and tooth abscess are emergencies. An unattended cavity might result in tooth loss or even root canal treatment. Lost teeth might need tooth replacements or crowns and bridges.

Delaying could lead to bone loss and other kinds of dental problem. Gum inflammation lowers your immunity, leaving you vulnerable to disease. Treating a tooth decay is very important especially in young kids.

What Dental Services can be done In COVID 19 in India - You Need To Know

Getting cosmetic dentistry and wisdom tooth extraction during corona virus times can be difficult. But, specific concerns like toothache, tooth fracture need immediate attention. Delaying is impossible as the toothache keeps you awake at night. Dr Deepak (Esthetic Dentistry) says there is nothing worse than an aching tooth and you can't live with it. Visit the head dentist immediately if the toothache is unbearable. Moreover if your gums are swollen and eating gets difficult.

Tooth emergencies such as broken teeth need immediate services. Contact your emergency best dentist in Bengaluru for a flexible same-day emergency consultation.

Do you feel toothache?You may need a tooth extraction, root canal service. If you need need any type of dental care, we provide Walk-in consultations in both our clinics. You can get a dentist near you and access to quality, affordable oral health care.

Diva Dental Clinic offers Weekdays morning to evening appointments.

We also provide Sunday appointments in both dental clinics.

Does Covid Make You Scared And Worry About Dental Treatment?

The Covid-19 pandemic has created fear and anxiety among the general population. Most people are scared of contracting Covid-19 at the dental clinic. Covid-19 could spread through respiratory droplet transmission within a one-meter distance. Many dental procedures use equipment that generates aerosols. However, should Covid make you scared and worried about dental treatment? Contact best dentist in Bangalore for high-quality dental treatment.

Are you safe from Coronavirus at the dental clinic?

You may come into contact with germs anytime you leave your home. However, can you get coronavirus at the dental clinic? You may fear the dental clinic as the most likely place to contract coronavirus. However, your dentist is aware of your worries and takes all precautions to ensure your safety. Take a look at tips to choose best dental clinic in Bangalore

The dentist has to protect himself and only then can he take care of the patients. The dentist follows safety practices as he is most at risk of contracting coronavirus. You would find your dentist wearing gloves and using the N95 mask and PPE (Personnel Protection Equipment) to ensure you don’t contract the coronavirus. With all this protective equipment, the chances of you getting coronavirus from the dentist are really low. Contact dentist nearby who can help you with dental implants.

Dentists are known to maintain high standards of safety and care. Moreover, your dentist follows the Indian Dental Association’s preventive guidelines for dental professionals on the Coronavirus threat. You would find the dentist taking temperature readings as part of routine assessment before dental procedures.

You would find all surfaces such as the dental chair, hand tray, dental light, and even the drawer handles disinfected with NaClO, to keep you safe at the dental clinic. The dentist uses UV light sterilization for the dental clinical area to kill airborne microorganisms. You would have to rinse your mouth with povidine iodine solution or 1% hydrogen peroxide to reduce the salivary load of oral microbes. Contact best dentist in Bangalore for cosmetic dentistry.

Your dentist could apply a rubber dam to reduce blood or saliva contaminated aerosol when he uses dental ultrasonic devices. The dental staff might enquire on your travel history and take a detailed health history. You would find them constantly disinfecting public areas such as door handles, bathrooms and chairs. You would be seated at a distance from other patients at the dental clinic. So, the chance of you contracting coronavirus at the dentist is quite low.

Should you postpone dental treatment?

You must consider the side effects of delayed dental treatment. You may have to extract your tooth or go for root canal treatment if you neglect a tooth cavity. Periodontal disease could lead to a heart or lung infection. You could suffer severe gum disease and lose your teeth if you postpone dental treatment.

Well, you just cannot postpone dental treatment if you suffer severe tooth pain or gum swelling. You may consider going to your dentist immediately for emergency dental care. Take a look at top 10 reasons for toothaches.

Do not delay time-sensitive dental care during the coronavirus pandemic. It could be a painful toothache, broken teeth, cracked dental fillings, bleeding gums, gum disease and severe tooth pain, that doesn’t allow you to sleep at night. You may consider going to the dentist for emergency dental treatment. It may save your teeth and gums from a severe infection.