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Welcome to
Diva Dental Clinics

Wilson Garden - 560027
Garebhavipalya - 560068

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What Can You Expect In Our Dental Clinic In Bangalore, India?

  • Our specialists provide Cost effective and Complete dental solutions

  • We have opening hours on request to make your visit to your dentist nearby as convenient as possible.

  • We provide transparency when it comes to prices to our patients.

  • In Fact, our experts will tell you the genuine cost of your Root Canal treatment before it begins.

  • In other words, we're making our Bangalore cheer one patient at a time.

We offer a full range of services with a quality of work and customer service.

​We have specialized equipment for services like

1.Teeth color fillings

2 Endodontic Treatment

3.Teeth Whitening and dental implants.


We pride ourselves on affordable costs with transparent pricing.

As a result, our goal is to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.


Smile Bright!

Our services focus to solve all your teeth pain related problems. You should choose our staff for a tooth smile correction.. This is because teeth problems affect other parts of the body.

We all know that proper care is important to good teeth. Yet, most people don't know how to choose a good doctor for themselves.

Dr. Mohanapriya Dentist Bangalore
Good reviews Dentist Bangalore
Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy Dentist Bangalore

Dental clinic In Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy and his team include an emergency pediatric Dentist and an orthodontist. They have complete knowledge about your tooth affair's. We provide instant teeth whitening systems for people with dark teeth. Brighter teeth always help you to achieve a pleasing smile.


Dr. Deepak has experience in Advanced pain management technology. We provide smile makeovers in both our centers. We have an implantologist who has twenty years of expertise with implants.


There is minimal post treatment issues when done by us. Our implantologist is with The Indian Society of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy provides good solutions to patients with utmost care.


We provide solutions for:

Teeth decay

Restorative Dentistry

Advanced smile design

Dental Veneers Treatment

Extraction of roots of teeth

Root Canal Procedure

Smile Makeover Treatment

Dental Implants Treatment

Teeth Replacement


Crowns for an attractive smile

Dental Bridges

Book an appointment with our Experts Now.

In case of complicated issues, our services would need advanced X-Ray procedures like a CBCT Scan. There is a dental hospital very close to our office. It has more advanced dental technology. for bigger surgical procedures at ease. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful smile. Now cosmetic dentistry can make your dream turn into a reality.


Here is our friendly, dedicated, and energetic dental team loves to work on you. We focus on your family to create a positive dental experience. You will get value every time you visit our dental clinic in Bangalore

How much would a dental visit cost at Diva Dental care?

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy has been practicing since 2004. He has completed his BDS from Bangalore University. Diva Dental Clinic is more like a Dental solutions clinic. In other words, we focus ONLY on the treatment of dental concerns. Hence the cost for the consultation is FREE. Our costs are only for the procedures done in our clinics located in south Bangalore.


For example, the cost of dental cleaning depends on the severity of the stains on the tooth. Dental cleaning costs between Rs 500 to Rs 1800 depending on the stains.

Why should you invest yourself in a dental consultation?

Dental treatment is actually not expensive. Dr. Deepak believes that an oral health check-up once in 6 months. will decrease your lifetime dental cost. The dentist will check for initial dental cavities. An early cavity can avoid a root canal treatment. Likewise, your dentist may check the status of your oral hygiene. He may tell you specific areas where you may not brush. He may also teach you how to floss.

  • Don't treat oral health services like a luxury item that you can't afford.

  • Affordable services in Bangalore is right around the corner from you!

  • We offer flexible financing programs on surgical procedures.

  • Low prices on services to put high-quality oral care within your reach.

  • Let our pediatric dentistry experts help your children enhance their growing smiles.

  • Book Appointments for COVID Test with class equipment hospitals in Bangalore. Prestigeous Hospitals like - Manipal Hospital, Indiranagar provide COVID Test.

Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Diva Dental Care is centrally located in Wilson Garden very near to the popular Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Our clinic is equipped with the latest and modern dental facilities and technologies. Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy and his expert team of doctors aim at providing complete oral healthcare solutions at affordable costs.

We have been reviewed as one of the leading dental clinics in India. Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy along with Dr. (Mrs) Mohanapriya provides a  variety of dental treatments that include painless single visit root canal treatments, top quality dental implants, amazing digital smile design and cosmetic dentistry procedures like invisalign and dental veneers. 

We have experts for child dental care. Dr. Mohanapriya is a family dentist and provides long lasting dental fillings to help you eat comfortably. Our Oral and maxillofacial surgeon visits the major hospitals in Bangalore for jaw surgeries, gum diseases, and much more. We are your partner in painless dentistry, procedures. Diva Dental Care, Wilson Garden Bangalore offers you the best dental treatment to meet and satisfy your expectations.

We invite you to experience seamless dental procedures at Diva Dental Clinic Hongasandra Bangalore, India, today!

What is the most important asset in a dental clinic?

The most important asset in a dental clinic is the dentist. People need to trust the dentist and the clinic to go in for treatments. Dental treatments should be taken seriously and if done wrong can leave a huge negative impact in the patient’s life. Hence a dentist in a clinic holds all responsibility and must be well qualified and experienced to handle the patient.

What procedures are done in a dental clinic?

Different procedures are done for different kinds of dental problems. The various procedures done in a dental clinic are Tooth removal, Teeth whitening,  dental implant surgery, Tooth extraction, root canal, braces, tooth fillings, dentures, crown placement, bindings, and veneers. Some of these procedures are done to have a better appearance by having good-looking teeth while other procedures are done to treat severe problems which cause severe pain to the patients.

What does dental care consist of?

Dental care consists of a routine to take care of your dental health . Basic Dental care starts with regularly brushing your teeth with a suitable toothpaste and a toothbrush . Many dentists advise us to not have any food item which is too hot or too cold as it can damage the teeth.  A regular dental checkup with a dentist is recommended to ensure that your dental problems are treated well and further problems are prevented .

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